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Hi, my name is Megan


I am a ThetaHealer® and angel card reader located on the lower north shore of Sydney.

I would love to help you.


"The more that you trust and believe in angels, the more they will pour their blessings upon you."

Denise Linn

About me

I am a natural healer and although my qualifications are in the modality of ThetaHealing®, I have had the gift of healing ever since I can remember.  My gift includes the ability to feel (clairsentience) and to just know (claircognizance).

I have suffered loss in my life with the passing of my mother and father as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles.  With these experiences I truly feel what others feel and can relate to the emotions that come with loss.

I am the youngest of six children and have had a very blessed life and I’m enjoying the next generation of children coming through so being an aunty and great-aunty is very special to me.  The love and support I constantly feel from my family and precious friends has gotten me to this point.

A few years ago I was blessed with meeting my soul mate, a man who I have had many lifetimes with and one who I believe I have been looking for all my current life.  He has come to me with an open heart and so much love, and with this overwhelming love I felt it was the right time for me to offer my gift of healing to others.

I absolutely LOVE giving the gift of angel card readings, it’s amazing what the angels want to tell us and these readings can help and guide you and give you clarification on things you are uncertain or curious about in the future. 


My passion is ThetaHealing® and is a modality that really resonates with me.


ThetaHealing® is unique in that you can clear trauma, directly re-program the subconscious with new beliefs and teach new feelings to every cell of the body instantly.  It only takes a couple of minutes and the effects can be felt for the rest of your life.

In other words, if you have a consultation with me, we will work through any limiting beliefs systems, fears, stresses or blocks to abundance and through a “digging” technique get to the bottom of these limiting beliefs.  I will then take you to a theta state and ask creator of all that is to clear them for you.  Easy!

All of my gifts are offered either in person or online, whichever suits you.

I have also created a beautiful App called My Daily Intention.  It has been designed to give you guidance for the day ahead.  It includes a word for the day, affirmations and a word journal.  The feedback I have received has been wonderful and users love how easy and quick it is to start their day.  It is available on both Apple and Google Play stores.

In this lifetime my goal is to help as many people as I can, whether that’s through some wise words from your angels or a powerful Theta Healing®.  I feel extremely blessed to have these gifts and I look forward to helping those who cross my path.

“No matter how deep the issue is and no matter how long you have struggled with it, the possibility exists for you to become absolutely FREE, WHOLE and HEALED.”

Brandon Bays

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